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This is us, the brains behind Scrumptious.  We are a couple, Craig Middleton, qualified chef of 13 years, has a background in fine dinning and Jade Norcross, artist and cake maker.  We have different cooking styles but compliment each other well, both with a passion for food.  We launched Scrumptious as we felt there is an abundance of great produce and producers in Dumfries and Galloway but a lack of chefs making the most out of them.  


Our long term goal was to open a bistro but until we did we began hosting Pop Up events and attending farmers markets.


If we were to describe Scrumptious in three words it would be eclectic, quirky & tasty.  We get inspiration from our travels, pulling together flavours and ideas from all kinds of cultures.  What pulls it together is our use of fresh, local and seasonal ingredients.  As well as drawing inspiration from others we also like to experiment with what could be described as forgotten cooking techniques.  Producing our own butter and cheese as well as smoking and preserving.

Why us?

We believe in good food and that it is such a huge part of life and socializing.  As such we will do everything we can to make your evening, party or wedding as unique and memorable as we can.  Get in touch for sample menu's or to arrange a meeting.